Webinar for Brands: Contributing to and making the most of the OAR

Whether you're disclosing your supplier data for the first time, expanding disclosure to new tiers, preparing your information for an initiative like the Fashion Transparency Index or Transparency Pledge, or just looking for a little more information, this webinar recording and related resources can help get you the information you need.

Webinar for Brands: Contributing to and making the most of the Open Apparel Registry

Are you an apparel brand looking to contribute to and/or update your data on the OAR? Watch this webinar recording, in which we covered:

  • How to contribute and update your supplier data (including tips for making it as fast and easy as possible)
  • A walk-through of the additional data points being added to the OAR and how to prepare
  • Examples and tools for how to make the most of your data once you have contributed, including:
    • Incorporating OAR IDs into your systems to streamline operations and communication with stakeholders
    • Letting your suppliers know they are listed on the OAR so they can add more information to their profiles
    • Sharing your supplier data on your website, as a direct link or an interactive map

Watch the Recording

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