Researcher Case Study: Twinco Capital

“We firmly believe in the benefits of an open source database that empowers transparency and traceability.”

Standardized data enables supply chain analysis for Twinco Capital

Without a universal identifier, it was difficult for Twinco Capital to analyze stakeholders within the apparel sector, understand how these stakeholders are connected to one another and how the apparel supply chain is structured.

The open data available through the OAR saves Twinco Capital time and effort in analyzing apparel supply chains, standardizing the presentation of industry data through the common classification of facilities and OAR IDs allocated to each facility in the tool.

Twinco Capital has used OAR data to complement its analysis on the structure of apparel networks, and to identify further relationships between facilities and brands

Image shows the logo of Twinco Capital.

Twinco Capital is working to give producers all over the world access to affordable working capital. It engages with large corporates to offer their suppliers access to affordable funding, from purchase order to final invoice payment. Through its model, Twinco Capital significantly reduces risk and financing costs, helping to build competitive and socially responsible supply chains.