New Data Points in the Open Apparel Registry: Public Comment Period

In February 2022, the Open Apparel Registry will begin accepting a new set of facility data points. The data points and designs are open for public comment until December 21, 2021.

Since our launch, the Open Apparel Registry has been focused on collecting, standardizing and sharing name and address data for the world’s apparel facilities. Along the way, we have heard from stakeholders across the sector that adding additional data points could make the OAR a more powerful tool for disclosure, data standardization, and optimized searches.

That is why we have spent the last six months consulting with users like you, researching data sources, and exploring designs for the next phase of facility data in the OAR. Following this process, we will be adding five new apparel facility data points to the Open Apparel Registry, which users will be able to contribute and search by. Those data points are:

  • Number of workers (Transparency Pledge requirement)
  • Parent Company (Transparency Pledge requirement)
  • Type of Product (Transparency Pledge requirement)
  • Type of Facility
  • Type of Processing

We are looking to release the ability to contribute and search by these additional data points in February 2022.

Why are we starting with these five data points?

In our six months of stakeholder engagement around adding data points to the OAR, we examined a wide range of potential data points together with users from across the sector. It is our intention to continue to add data points beyond these initial five, but we chose to begin with this set for the following reasons:

  • To ensure we are working with data points that are already being collected and published by stakeholders across the sector, which will increase the likely volume and quality of this data
  • To align with existing industry efforts, like the Transparency Pledge
  • To respond to growing requests to be able to disclose and search facilities by type/type of processing to advance collaborative work across the sector

Public Comment Period: November 24 - December 21, 2021

As an open and collaborative organization, we want to be sure that all users have an opportunity to provide feedback on this next phase of the OAR. That is why we are opening up a public comment period until December 21, 2021. We hope you will share your thoughts, feedback and questions with us using the form below.

We are asking for your feedback on:

  • Current designs for new facility profiles with additional data points
  • New data points and how they'll be accepted, processed, displayed and searched
  • The taxonomy for how we will process and display Type of Facility and Processing

Facility Profile Designs

Below you will see the current state of the designs for OAR facility profiles, displaying additional data points.

Screenshot of proposed design for OAR profiles with new data points.

In the top half of the facility profile, you can see fields that are currently available on the Open Apparel Registry. Instead of showing all variations of facility name and address on the profile itself, users can click on the field to see submitted variations by Contributor.

NOTE: This is not a real facility/data.

Proposed design of OAR facility profile with additional data points

In the bottom half of the facility profile, you can see how the new data points would be displayed, along with the Contributors of this facility.

NOTE: This is not a real facility/data.

Processing Table: How each data point will be contributed, processed, searched and displayed

The table below (also available at this link for the ability to resize) sets out which new data points will be added to the OAR database, how they can be contributed and searched, who can contribute them and how the data will be processed and displayed.

Image shows a table of new data points in the OAR.

Facility Taxonomy

To drive consensus and facilitate search, the OAR is proposing the following taxonomy to categorize facility types and the processes which happen at these physical locations (also available in the second tab at this link).

Image shows a table of facility types in the OAR.

Share your feedback

Once you have looked through the designs and links above, please fill out this short survey, with any questions, comments or suggestions you might have. We will review all comments and publish the results in early 2022. We are accepting feedback until December 21, 2021.

As always, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team.