Brand Case Study: Kathmandu

“The OAR provides the perfect vehicle for collaboration between brands, and eliminates previous confusion relating to facility names and addresses.”

Cleaner facility data enables collaboration and confidence in supply chain mapping for Kathmandu

Kathmandu had issues with conflicting name and address data for its supply chain, with some suppliers having multiple names, others updating or modifying their names, or some names and addresses being lost in translation.

Through the name and address matching algorithm processing Kathmandu’s data and the GPS information provided for each facility in the database, the OAR helped Kathmandu ensure one generic, agreed upon name for each of its suppliers. The OAR enables Kathmandu to verify any inconsistencies in its data, and to quickly and easily share supply chain information for the purposes of collaboration and social impact initiatives.

Kathmandu now has more confidence in the mapping of its supply chain and has also saved time and money by not having to start this supply chain work from scratch or build a customized map for its own website. [View their OAR Embedded Map live on their website.]

Founded in 1987 with headquarters in New Zealand, Kathmandu is a certified B Corporation specializing in outdoor apparel and equipment.