How to search the Open Apparel Registry

Anyone is able to search and download data from the Open Apparel Registry for free. With an ever-growing database, we want to be sure you know how to quickly search to access the data you need.

Here are a few of the top ways to search the OAR:

Main Search Fields

Facility Name or OAR ID:

  • What is it? Search by facility name or OAR ID to find details about a particular facility.
  • When to use it? Looking to see which Contributors are associated with a particular facility? Have the name or address for a particular facility and need the OAR ID or vice versa? This is the search for you.


  • What is it? Search by the organization who contributed data to the OAR. This could be a particular brand (like Target Corporation, Gap Inc, or Levi Strauss & Co), a multi-stakeholder initiative (like Higg or ZDHC Foundation), a certification scheme (like Fair Trade USA or OEKO-TEX) or a factory/supplier group that has contributed their full facility list (like Hirdaramani Group or Delta Galil Industries Ltd).
  • When to use it? Are you looking to understand which facilities a brand is sourcing from, which facilities are certified by a particular certification scheme, or if a facility is listed on a platform like the Higg Index, for instance? Searching for that Contributor will give you a list of the facilities that they have contributed to the OAR.


To narrow in on facilities in a specific location, you can also search by Country and/or within a specific area/region that you draw on the map, using the "Draw Custom Area" tool (located on the map itself).

More Filters

In March 2022, five additional searchable fields were added to the Open Apparel Registry:

  • Parent Company

  • Facility Type

  • Processing Type

  • Product Type

  • Number of workers

As more data is contributed, more results will become available when searching these fields.

Combination Search

It’s important to know that you don’t have to run each of these searches one at a time, which brings us to:

Combination search:

  • What is it? Search by multiple criteria, like a factory group and a specific country, facilities contributed by two or more brands, or a list of brands and a specific country.
  • When to use it? Looking to understand if multiple brands are sourcing from the same facilities? Want to see whether a specific brand or brands are sourcing from a particular country? Want to see how many facilities of a certain type are in a particular region or industrial zone? Combination search allows you to combine any of the individual search criteria to dig even deeper into OAR data.

Quick tip: When running a combination search between multiple Contributors, a check box appears that reads “Show only shared facilities.” If you’re only looking to see overlapping facilities between the Contributors you’re searching, check that box. If you want to see the full lists for all Contributors you’re searching, leave it unchecked.

Image shows a screenshot of how to search for shared facilities.

Download or share your search results

Did you know that any search you run on the OAR can be downloaded into a CSV or Excel file? Click the download button when running a search to receive your search results in a machine-readable format. Or, click "Copy Link" to share your search results with others.

How does searching work?

Types of Search Logic

Within a search field, the tool uses "OR" logic. So, if a user searches by Aldi, Hanes and lululemon in the Contributor field, all facilities associated with any of those Contributors would be returned. However, under “Filter by Contributor,” if you choose multiple Contributors and select the “Show only shared facilities” box, the logic will switch to “AND” and only show facilities that all of the chosen Contributors are affiliated with.

If a user then searches by multiple values, "AND" logic will be used. So, searching Aldi, Hanes and Lululemon (Contributors) and China (Country) only returns facilities in China that have been Contributed by those brands.