How to contribute data to the Open Supply Hub Beta

Follow these step-by-step instructions to contribute your facility/supplier data to the Open Supply Hub Beta platform via CSV or Excel file.

Open Supply Hub is based on the model and technology behind the Open Apparel Registry. While OS Hub is in its Beta Phase, you may be pointed toward resources like this one, hosted on the Open Apparel Registry website.

If you have not yet signed up for the Open Supply Hub Beta Phase and received login instructions, you will need to do so before continuing with the below instructions.

Preparing your data

Please read the directions below carefully. Then, download the OS Hub Contributor Template (see buttons below) and copy and paste your list into the template. The facility data points you are able to prepare/contribute are:

  • country (required)
  • name (required)
  • address (required)
  • sector (required)
  • facility/processing type
  • product type(s)
  • number of workers (raw values or ranges accepted)
  • parent company

Directions for Preparing Your Data:

  • Sector is a required field in our data model; a sector value must be included in the data contribution in order for the data to upload without error. The sector field will accept single values or multiple; multiple values must be separated with a vertical bar character (e.g. consumer electronics|sporting goods|automotive). These fields are searchable on the OS Hub and will appear on facility profile pages. We are using the OS Hub Beta Phase to develop our taxonomy around Sector and ask that you enter values for how you define Sector at your organization. We will use this data to inform our taxonomy for this data point moving forward.
  • The OS Hub Beta accepts facilities throughout all tiers of the supply chain, but does not accept home addresses. If you have a facility you believe is also a person's home, please do not submit it to the Beta.
  • Do not change the column heading titles in the first row. The wording must be exact for our system to process them.
  • All fields in your list must be in English but may include accented or other Unicode characters.
  • Country names must be translated into English in order to be recognized by the system. OS Hub uses ISO country names for geocoding and processing.
  • Ensure your facility names and addresses have fewer than 200 characters in a cell.
  • Please deduplicate your list. The OS Hub algorithm will check whether the facilities in your list already exist in OS Hub and match them accordingly. However, the algorithm will not remove duplicates within your list. Therefore, we ask that you remove duplicate facilities from your list before uploading.
  • Separate your plots/units/buildings. Please only upload one plot/unit/building per line in your upload. This way, our algorithm and moderation team can easily match entries unit by unit.
  • File size limit: 5MB
  • Save your file as an Excel file (.xlsx) or as a CSV UTF-8 (.csv)

If you are uploading data points beyond facility country, name and address:

  • You will note that facility and processing type are merged into one column, called facility_type_processing_type, in the upload template. Facility Type and Processing Type refer to the activities that occur at a given facility. These values are captured in a single column called facility_type_processing_type in the upload template. The OS Hub team will evaluate incoming values during the Beta phase as we finalize the taxonomy model for public launch. Please list each value with a [vertical bar] between each element, e.g. “fabrication|SMT|tooling.
  • If you are uploading multiple entries in one cell (like multiple product types), those entries must be separated by a vertical bar. For example: if I am entering pants and socks as product types for a facility, I would enter them as: pants|socks
    • If you are currently using commas to separate those items, here are some quick steps you can follow in Excel to replace them with vertical bars:
      • Click on the column letter to select the entire column you’re working in
      • Select the Edit menu --> Find --> Replace
      • Find what: enter the comma AND the space [, ]
      • Search: By Columns
      • Replace with: |
      • Find next (to test your replace command and it will jump down to the next cell with a comma & space to be replaced)
      • Replace All (this will replace all of the commas within that particular column)
      • Repeat for any other columns that have multiple items.

Note: Want to divide up your lists? OS Hub allows users to filter by list. This means that the name of your list will be publicly displayed. This can be useful if you are looking to separate your facilities in a particular way - like by tier, program, certification, etc. If you want to have more than one list, create and upload a separate CSV/Excel file for each list you want displayed.

Uploading your data

1. Register for an OS Hub account by selecting the "Register/Contribute" button in the top right of the OS Hub Beta platform and sign in (even if you already use the Open Apparel Registry, you will need to create an account in the OS Hub Beta).

NOTE: There can only be one OS Hub account associated with a Contributor on OS Hub. If you think that more than one person from your team will need to access or manage your data on OS Hub, we suggest signing up with an email address accessible to multiple team members (like or

2. Once you are logged in, click the "Contribute" button in the upper right corner.

3. Enter your facility list name. If you're uploading multiple lists, ensure that your list name includes what makes this list unique from the other (Tier 1, Certified Facilities, Program Name, etc). This list name will be visible to the Beta community.

4. Enter your list description. Enter a description of this facility list and include a timeframe for the list's validity. This will also be visible to the Beta community.

5. Select your CSV/Excel file. Select your prepared file to upload.

6. Select a list to replace. If you have previously uploaded a facility list through this account, you are able to replace that out-dated list and make it inactive through this feature. Simply select the list that your new list is replacing. (If this is your first upload to OS Hub, you can skip this step.)

7. Hit Submit! Your list is now processing (meaning it's being run through OS Hub's geolocation tools and algorithm). You'll receive an automated email when the processing is complete.

Finalizing your list

Once your upload has been processed, navigate to the “My Lists” section of your account to review the results of the upload. Here you will be able to see any errors in your list, as well as facilities which require you to manually confirm or reject a match with facilities already in the database.

Your list is now live, although any facilities producing errors or that require confirm/reject are not yet visible in your list.

Data points submitted beyond facility name and address have processed, even if they do not appear on this page. Once your list has processed, you will be able to view and search these data points on facility profiles, as well as in downloads from the platform.

1. Resolve Errors. In your "My Lists" Dashboard, you'll be able to see if there are any Errors in the list you uploaded. If you see any Errors, you'll want to resolve those before moving forward with the process. Check out the "Processing Data in the OAR" section of our OAR FAQs for more information on Error types and how to resolve them (one common and easily resolved error is a typo in a country name, for instance). Once you've figured out what may have caused the errors, make those updates in your CSV or Excel file and re-upload the full list to OS Hub, replacing your previous file.

2. Complete Confirm / Reject: When you upload your list, the algorithm on which OS Hub is run will work to match your facilities with those already in the database. For those that are obvious duplicates, the algorithm will automatically match them. For those where the algorithm is below 80% confident it is a match, you will be asked to manually confirm or reject matches of your facilities with those already in the database. Be sure to complete this step in order for all of your facilities to display in OS Hub.

Tip: Click on your list and then filter for "Potential Match" to see all of the facilities that require Confirm/Reject in a row, for easy moderating.

Once you complete Confirm/Reject, your full list is now live and available on the Open Supply Hub Beta platform.

All contributions made during the Open Supply Hub Beta Phase will automatically have "Beta" added to the Contributor name, so you can easily search for all Beta contributions during this phase of development.

If you run into any issues as you upload or search Open Supply Hub, please submit them using this form.

If you have any questions, please email us at