MSI Case Study: Higg

“By using the Open Apparel Registry as the central source of truth for facility location data, we can match our facilities easily and quickly with any external dataset and return OAR IDs to users. This is a great jump-start on the real work: finding ways to collaborate on facility performance improvement.”

Higg gets a single source of truth for facility data by connecting to the OAR API and leveraging the OAR ID

As the technology partner for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Higg manages datasets from multiple organizations, each with its own unique identification schemes, facility names, addresses, and other identifying information. Higg needed a common ID for manufacturing facilities that transcended the individual customer’s data format and allowed its technology platform to make connections across disparate datasets. Exchanging and matching data between Higg and other industry platforms was manual, error prone and slow.

Connecting with the Open Apparel Registry’s API and making use of the OAR ID gives Higg a single source of truth about facility location that can be applied to its internal data. This allows Higg and its users to more clearly see the relationship between facilities and their customers and to guide users to the right supply chain relationship more effectively. It allows Higg to move data quickly and seamlessly between platforms for its users, without the burden of pre-matching and testing the match logic before the data exchange occurs.

Higg users now have increased confidence in searching and matching facilities, merging duplicate IDs and the supply chain due diligence process. Connecting with the OAR’s API has also accelerated Higg’s integration efforts by removing what previously had been a large chunk of work: aligning its facility records with potential partners.

Image shows the logo Higg.

Higg is the sustainability insights platform for consumer goods industries, delivering software and services for measuring, managing, and sharing supply chain performance data.