From Opaque to Open: Untangling Apparel Supply Chains with Open Data

What have we learned?

From Opaque to Open: Untangling Apparel Supply Chains with Open Data” shares lessons learned from the Open Apparel Registry’s first two years as an organization, as well as stories of how OAR data is being used to create meaningful changes in apparel supply chains.

Given the urgency of the issues facing the apparel sector and similar supply chains, we share the lessons we’ve learned in building and growing the Open Apparel Registry (OAR) in the hope that our experience can be helpful for early stage non-profits, stakeholders in the apparel sector and beyond, and funders looking to support new ventures like ours.

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This report was made possible with the support of Humanity United — a philanthropic organization that works to advance human dignity and to challenge the systems that enable human exploitation and violent conflict.

Quick topic-by-topic articles

Looking for easily shareable, bite-sized versions of the report? We published the highlights from the report in a series of articles on LinkedIn. You can read and share them at the links below:

  1. Data for advocacy: introducing the Open Apparel Registry - the story behind the origins of the OAR
  2. Learn from the mistakes of others:” key lessons we've learned from one year of research and two years of managing the live tool
  3. The OAR: a technical solution to a human problem
  4. From closed to open: how stakeholder engagement is helping shift a sector
  5. Is it working? Measuring the OAR's impact, and how to contribute to the tool’s growth