Encourage your facilities to claim their profiles

Finished uploading your facility or supplier list to the OAR? Now you can reach out to your facilities to let them know that they are listed on the Open Apparel Registry and can claim their profile. Here’s some sample text you can use:

Dear {{Their Name}},

We’re writing to let you know that {{Brand/OrgName}} has uploaded its supplier list to the Open Apparel Registry (OAR).

The OAR is an open source tool which maps garment facilities worldwide and assigns a unique ID number to each. It is a go-to source for identifying apparel facilities and their affiliations by collating disparate supplier lists from industry stakeholders into one central, open source map and database.

We uploaded our supplier list to the OAR in (INSERT MONTH HERE) and, as one of our suppliers, your facility(s) appears on the tool and has been allocated a unique OAR ID. You are free to use this ID as you wish; it acts as a common ID linking multiple different IDs across systems.

It is also possible to “claim” your facility on the site and add additional information to the facility profile, including production capabilities, MOQs, certifications and more. The benefits of claiming your facility and completing your profile include:

  • Having a free, credible and verified profile on an open source platform, used across the entire global apparel industry.

  • Being discoverable to buyers who may use the OAR as a sourcing tool, leading to new client leads and future sales.

  • An outlet to keep your facility information up-to-date for partner organizations.

To claim your facility, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Register for a free account on the OAR. Once you’ve registered, be sure to check your email account and click the verification link sent to you in order to activate your account.

  • Search for your facility on the site

  • On the facility’s OAR listing, click “Claim this facility.” You will then be asked to complete a short, three step verification process, in order to verify your identity and connection to the facility.

Once your claim has been reviewed and approved, you will be able to:

  • Update facility location and address details.

  • Specify production details and certifications.

  • Share order minimums and average lead times.

  • Add information about your head office and parent company.

This information will be shown publicly on the facility profile page.

Top tip: change the language of the OAR

The OAR is available for use in over 120 different languages. Simply click the language drop down in the upper right corner of the OAR, and pick the language of your choice.


There is no obligation for you to interact with the tool, if you choose not to - this is not another reporting requirement. Regardless of whether or not you choose to create an account on the OAR and claim your facility, you are welcome to search the tool and make use of your unique OAR ID, for free. The OAR ID does not replace any other ID numbers associated with your facility, but it can be used alongside them.

If you do choose to claim your facility and complete your profile, we’d be grateful if you could spread the word about the OAR amongst your industry peers and other facility owners.

Sign up to the OAR newsletter to be kept up to date with all the latest developments of the tool. For any queries, you can reach out to the OAR team directly: info@openapparel.org

Kind regards,
{{Your Name}}