Brand Case Study: Clarks

“The OAR has given us a common identifier that we can use internally to identify and reference facilities.”

Clarks overcomes time-consuming manual systems

Due to the set-up of Clarks’ internal systems, obtaining and maintaining visibility of facilities in lower tiers of its supply chain required manual effort across functions and systems. Using the OAR ID as a common identifier has enabled the brand to overcome this challenge.

Image shows a screenshot of Clarks' Dashboard using the OAR ID.

As well as this, the OAR helps Clarks identify precisely where its suppliers are, and who they are shared with. It also promotes the important role of transparency within supply chains, as a lever to improving worker conditions.

Image shows the logo of Clarks.

Founded nearly 200 years ago, Clarks is a global shoe brand with over 1,000 branded stores and franchises around the world.