TrusTrace launches traceability ecosystem to accelerate sustainable transformation in the fashion industry

TrusTrace, November 2021

"Together with the Open Apparel Registry, TrusTrace will map all of its 8000+ supplier facilities using an industry standard unique OAR ID and enable brands to standardize facility information across different systems like Higg, ZDHC and industry certification bodies. This collaboration addresses the lack of standardization in facility information across multiple databases, helping to streamline and improve facility level information for the fashion industry."

TrusTrace, a market-leading platform for supply chain transparency and product traceability within the fashion and retail industries, today announced its new traceability ecosystem that will further the company’s mission to accelerate sustainable transformation in the fashion industry.

The ecosystem aims to solve major supply chain transparency and sustainability challenges by developing powerful integrated solutions through seamless data integration and knowledge exchange. The ecosystem launches with key industry players Higg, Open Apparel Registry (OAR),, Renoon and Haelixa. This series of collaborations will also reinforce TrusTrace’s position as the mission-critical operating platform for brands aiming to solve major supply chain traceability and sustainability challenges.