Higg Co, Open Apparel Registry partner to improve facility data

Just Style, October 2020

"By integrating data with the OAR via API, Higg Co is not only enhancing the necessary processing of data for its customers, but also sending a strong message to industry about the importance of collaboration and the value of a single, central ID to act as a common identifier across databases and systems."

Technology company Higg Co has partnered with the Open Apparel Registry (OAR) in a move aimed at streamlining facility data records for the apparel industry.

The OAR is a free, neutral, open-source tool mapping garment facilities worldwide and assigns a unique ID to each. It is a source for identifying apparel facilities and their affiliations, organising supplier lists from industry stakeholders into one central map and database. Each record includes the facility name, address, and OAR ID, and displays a list of which organisations have contributed this data and are connected to the facility.