Ethical Fashion

Cornell, SC Johnson College of Business, October 2019

"OAR’s mission is deceptively simple: list an accurate, consistent name and address for each and every factory and manufacturing facility in the apparel industry and assign each a unique OAR ID number — “like a Social Security number for facilities,” notes Grillon.

What’s on your fashion wish list?

Many people today would like to believe the fiber for their clothes is grown and harvested responsibly by farmers who are compensated fairly for their labor and goods and who grow their crops with minimal chemical usage and water waste. They’d like to believe the workers who make their clothes do so in spacious, well-lit, and well-ventilated work environments where they are treated with respect, are paid a living wage, have access to healthcare, and get adequate time off. Ideally, the factory will be powered by renewable energy, making it carbon neutral. Better yet, the brand recycles clothing to create new products, furthering fashion’s ability to become a truly circular economy.

The reality is far different.