Our Mission

The Open Apparel Registry exists to improve human rights and environmental conditions in and around factories and facilities by opening up supply chain data as a free, public good. When everyone working in global supply chains enjoys equal access to quality, open-licensed data, it leads to more sustainable and equitable outcomes for the most vulnerable communities affected by the apparel sector.

We Are...


We are collaborative within our global, remote team and with our stakeholders from across the apparel sector: every voice is important and should be represented.


We are built on the principles of "open": open data, open communication patterns, openness to new ideas and ways of working.


The OAR has designed its organization, business model, and tool around maintaining a neutral position in the apparel sector. The only thing we're not neutral on: supply chain data should be open.


We are a team that believes that change is possible. Driven by that belief, but tempered with realism, we are action-oriented and decisive to ensure we are always moving toward our goals.

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Diving Deeper

Data in the Open Apparel Registry is contributed and used by organizations all over the world, including major global brands, civil society organizations, multi-stakeholder initiatives, certification schemes, factory groups and more. As well as many other efficiency and process benefits, the way the OAR organizes and presents data ultimately improves the lives of some of the most vulnerable people working in global supply chains.

The OAR’s strategy is to open up supply chain data for the benefit of all. The power of the OAR’s approach lies in transforming messy, inconsistent data into structured datasets, made freely available to all stakeholders under an open data license. When everyone working in global supply chains enjoys equal access to quality data, opportunities rapidly open up to shift the industry onto a more sustainable and equitable path.

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