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Access the global map of apparel facilities here


The Open Apparel Registry (OAR) is an open source map and database of global apparel facilities, their affiliations and unique OAR IDs assigned to each facility.

Use the OAR for free to:

  • Update and standardize facility names and addresses against the database

  • Understand affiliations of current and prospect facilities to identify opportunities for collaboration

  • Find potential new suppliers, listed with their credentials and affiliations

  • Leverage the OAR ID as a unique and shared ID across software systems and databases 

The map and the improved quality of name and address information the Open Apparel Registry provides will become a crucial component of our work to improve the lives of workers in garment factories in Bangladesh, by enabling more swift factory identification and therefore effective collaboration.
— Ismet Jarin, Project Coordinator, Awaj Foundation
The OAR has the potential to provide great benefits to global industry MSIs, including ZDHC. It can both improve the quality of existing data and drive efficiencies in data exchange significantly. We’re proud to be a founding member of the OAR MSI Working Group
— Frank Michel, Executive Director, ZDHC
The Open Apparel Registry can make an important contribution to supply chain transparency by providing a centralized, free-of-charge map that provides precise information on garment factories, their locations, addresses and place in global supply chains.
— Rola Abimourched, Senior Program Director, Worker Rights Consortium

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