Governance + Policies

The OAR is established as a non-profit corporation, registered in the State of Delaware USA, pending 501(c)(3) determination. Its multi-stakeholder Board of Directors represents civil society, the open data sector, factory groups, industry MSIs and brands.


The OAR regularly publishes and updates policies relating to its operations, access to the tool and the way that data is managed and moderated in the Registry. These policies are developed in consultation with, and approved by, the OAR Board of Directors.


Learn more about how the OAR is governed:

Facility Closure Policy

Processes and policy for marking facilities as closed in the OAR:

Free/Discounted API Access

Who qualifies for free/discounted API access and how:

Moderation Policy

Processes and policies for moderating OAR data:

Verified Sources and Attributable Data

Our policy for contributions by verified sources: