Developer Resources

The OAR on GitHub

As an open source application, all the code written to build, maintain and update the OAR is freely available to view in our GitHub repository. All notable changes and deployments are logged in our Changelog. Want to contribute to the OAR as an open source initiative? Check out our “good first issues."

How the OAR processes data

All data contributed to the tool is processed by the OAR’s algorithm (based on a statistical model), to detect whether or not the facility already exists in the database. For full details on how the OAR processes data, read this technical blog.


The OAR offers a push/pull API enabling users to programmatically query and exchange data with the Open Apparel Registry, enabling interoperability between databases.

All users of the API are able to:

  • Access name, address, OAR ID, GPS coordinates and the history of contributor connections for any facility in the OAR

  • Query the OAR system without having to add data to the tool

Technical API Resources:

For further details, check out our dedicated API page.

Need additional information? Contact our team.